File this one under parenting fail.  The Greatest of All Time just made a bonehead move.  While vacationing in Costa Rica, According to  Brady and his daughter Vivian, only 6 years old, jumped off a cliff.

Brady posted the clip to Instagram and the internet is not pleased. reports that the reaction to the video clip on social media was anything but positive.  I understand you want to push children to take challenges and experience life, but this move was over the top. I don’t think Vivian looked too enthused to make the leap.

Thankfully no one was injured but she is a little girl, not a professional athlete.  I am sure there will be reactions both positive and negative to the clip but for now, the negative reactions are winning out against Brady.  Brady’s daughter is lucky she didn’t hit a rock or fall the wrong way and have Dad land on her.  It’s not a chance I would take with my daughter, but then again, I would not jump off the cliff myself.  I guess we will leave it up to the fans to decide if this was a parenting fail or a win.


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