Seems like winning the Super Bowl as besties can really lighten your mood.  Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are living their best life ever.  Is it me or has Tom Brady really loosed up since signing up with the Tampa Bay Bucs?  He recently got punked by his prankster teammate the Gronk and the results are hilariously captured in a video shared by Bleacher report. The Bleacher Report has the video that Rob Gronkowski posted of the Gronk calling Brady via FaceTime. Then telling Brady he was too busy right now.

It’s all part of a social media challenge being picked up by celebrities like the Kardashians, NBA legends Kenny Smith and Shaq and even Gronk’s Dad got in on the challenge.  The way it works is you call someone and say I’m busy right now, convincing the other person that they actually called YOU. Gronk actually did convince Brady that Brady had called HIM and Brady admitted to such.  Then Gronk let Brady in on the joke.

FYI, I tried this with my wife, and she was not convinced, and she was not amused. It’s just a bit of lighthearted fun and we can all use a dose of that right now.  But back to my original point. It seems like Brady has really let loose since his move to Florida.  Perhaps the weather suits him more?  I just remember Brady being kind of stuffy and stiff when he was playing with the Patriots.  Maybe Bill Belichick has something to do with his mood.  I can’t figure it out, but it looks like he is finally having fun with life.




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