The Patriots are playing this Saturday night at 8:15 p.m. That's definitely a prime time spot for January 4 and wild card weekend.

That's right, playoffs are here, people, and I’m stoked to see that the Patriots are still playing.

My team I grew up with (Dallas) is done, so it’s cool to see a hometown team do well.

I don’t think the Tennessee Titans can pull this out with a home game at Gillette. I’m of the school of keep winning until someone says you can’t anymore.

The Patriots have been winners for a verrrrrrry long time, and I say, keep it up until someone knocks you off.

One thing I’ve noticed is that people love their Tom Brady, so, with that in mind, check out the video of Tom's press conference on Thursday below and see Tom talk about the new white shoes he wore and if he will wear them again?

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots
Getty Images

And why is he jogging on the sidelines in the 2nd half of some games this year?

And to get you pumped up for Friday's game, check out this video of Tom Brady mic’d up. It covers most of his career so far. Kinda cool to see how he and Drew Bledsoe interacted at the beginning when Tom first replaced him.

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