Imagine sitting in a tiny kayak on the ocean and you spot a fin.  Not just a small fin an ENORMOUS fin. reports that Erick Attridge was fishing in his kayak off the coast of Gloucester when he spotted the fin.  He even had the presence of mind to capture the encounter on video.

You can hear how close he was when the whales, yes, there were two of them, come up for air.

I just took a boat tour last weekend to watch whales. We got to see quite a few of these majestic creatures and I’m not gonna lie, I was on a pretty big boat and I was scared. Well, not really but I would be if I was on a tiny kayak.

I cannot imagine being in a tiny kayak and seeing a fin that large.  I would be terrified they were going to jump on me!

I took some video of my whale watching adventure and it seems pretty tame in comparison to that of kayaker Erick Attridge.

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