Crazy world we live in


I know the internet has been using the #karen when a woman acts entitled and is caught on video and that is just the hashtag a Norton, Massachusetts barber used on TikTok according to when sharing his horrible experience with an outrageous customer.  This is a must-see-to-believe moment.


What went down


According to the barber, Robbie Rocco known on TikTok as @RobbietheBonehead, had just given a teenage boy a haircut.  He asked for high and tight and when Robbie got to the top of the teen’s hair, the teen requested that Rocco cut it on a size 2.  According to reporting by the patch, Rocco said “I literally stop and go, bro, a No.2 is really short.” But the teen wanted him to go ahead with the haircut as a No. 2 on top.  It seemed like a normal haircut; the teen even tipped Rocco on the way out but that was when the teen’s mom got involved.




The teen's mom called 911.  Literally called 911.  She was so upset at the sight of her son’s hair that she told Rocco that she would “see him in court.”  That’s when she dialed 911.  This left me and many other commentators on the video furious.  The fact that emergency responders and the police would have to take time out of their day to respond to such nonsense is so irresponsible.  People are having real emergencies and this woman is calling the police about her son’s haircut.  What was Rocco supposed to do?  Tape the kid’s hair back on?  Sounds like the kid wanted one haircut and the mom wanted something different.  Either way, you don’t call 911 over a bad haircut. #Karen

This is too dang crazy...WOW


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