Do you know Who I am?

How many times have we seen celebrities freak out and demand special treatment with the famous ‘don’t you know who I am?  Well, one of my favorite actors is so chill that he is just like the rest of us and number one eats at IHOP(that's what I'm talking about) and number two, doesn’t like to wait but would leave rather than make a scene according to


Adam Sandler, Special for Not Acting Special


In a TikTok video that went viral by TikTok user Dayanna Rodas she posts what is alleged to be security camera footage from an IHOP where the hostess tells the “Happy Gilmore” star that there is a 30-minute wait for a table.  He confers with what appears to be his daughter and leaves.  The video does appear to have been shot recently as Sandler is wearing a mask.  How crappy would you feel about telling Adam Sandler “sorry there is a 30-minute wait” and then realizing OMG that was Adam Sandler.


Publicist Confirms it Was Sandler


This story about the TikTok video gone viral was first reported on by HuffPost and reports that Sandler’s publicist confirms that it was, indeed, Adam Sandler.  You gotta love the guy from Manchester that acts just like the rest of us.  He didn’t demand special treatment.  He didn’t cause a scene.  He just made the call that they would have pancakes at home or somewhere else.  We need more down-to-earth celebs like Sandler.


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