If you can't sleep tonight you might want to take a look out the window around 2am. The world's oldest meteor shower will be at it's brightest right around that time.

The meteor shower, called Lyrid, has been active since April 16th, according to NBC Boston 10.  It will peak over the skies in New Hampshire during the overnight hours with about 10 to 20 meteors being visible in the night sky.

So, what's the best way to see the shooting stars? Space.com says that you should not be near any light sources.  If you can head outside, the article say the best spot is laying on your back looking up.  The light show is expected to last a couple of hours, depending on the weather, with the peak hitting at around 2am.

Lyrid will be best viewed from the Northeast direction and for the astrophiles out there, it will be between the constellations Hercules and Lyra, according to Space.com.

Happy viewing!


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