I love stories about empowered women doing amazing things, breaking gender norms and following their hearts. Things are getting more equal in this country and I am here for it! We see more and more female politicians, doctors, professors, and astronauts than ever before. But we still have some work to do.

When I read the WMTW article praising Waterville Maine's newest firefighter, I shouted out loud "YOU GO, GIRL!" Not only is Katie Hennessey the first female career firefighter in the history of Waterville, Maine. She is also an EMT, registered nurse, mom and basically superwoman!

The article states that according to the National Fire Protection Association, out of nearly 1 million firefighters in the United States, just 7% are female. We are proud to have part of that small percentage working among us in Northern New England. I hope that Katie's story encourages other women to do something amazing with their lives even if it is something primarily done by men.

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