Opening Day for Lago's Ice Cream on Route 1 in Rye, New Hampshire is...DRUM ROLL PLEASE...


Lago's is definitely one of my favorite ice cream stands in New Hampshire. Without fail, I find myself there a couple of times every season. I tend to gravitate toward their banana ice cream. It's so good. They also know to put extra marshmallow and extra jimmies in my cup too!

Fun Fact: You can usually hear Lago's playing WOKQ over their speakers. I hear from several people every year that Lago's is listening to 'The Workday with 2k!.' Thanks, Lago's!

I'll unfortunately, miss opening day, since I'll be here at work playing all your favorite new country on 97.5 WOKQ, so have a cone (or cup) for me.

PS: Don't forget the extra marshmallow and extra jimmies!

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