If you were alive and living in New England during the Blizzard of '78, you must have a story to tell!

The 'Blizzard of '78, ah yes, I remember it vividly. What I remember the most is the air. There were no cars, no exhaust fumes, just clean, fresh air! I can still remember standing outside, playing in all the snow and breathing in clear, cold, clean air. I haven't experienced it since.

I also remember building huge snow forts and having massive snowball fights with my brother and all the neighborhood kids.  I remember my brother throwing me off our front porch into a snow bank. I remember my dad and me walking to the nearest grocery store which was a few miles away.

I know we've had some massive snowstorms between 1978 and 2019. But, the Blizzard of '78 will always be the biggest and best for me. So many great memories to look back on and I know somewhere in my mother's house there are many photos of my brother and me having the time of our lives playing in the snow.

If you're interested in seeing how New Hampshire fared during this storm, you can check out this article from Only In Your State. There are some other interesting factoids from the New England Historical Society.

I'm sure I'm not alone in reminiscing about the storm 41 years ago. I'd love to hear or see your memories.

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