Growing up with two teachers for parents, we spent many snow days all home together! It was fun until the cabin fever kicked in. haha! Just kidding, it was always fun.

Here are some things I like to do when a snow day has been declared. *I have added a few that weren't available to me as a kid but are available now due to a little something called technology.

Binge A Netflix Series

That series that everyone tells you you should be watching but you haven't had the time to start. Well now you have the time!

Do Some Facebook Spring Cleaning (or Winter cleaning)

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We all have those people who pop up on our newsfeeds and were all "who the heck is this?! I Don't even know this person and I find their social media existence irritating!" So cleanse the old newsfeed.

Do Some Actual Cleaning

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Cleaning is something that falls by the wayside because we are too darn busy doing other things out in the world. Well now you really don't have an excuse. Reorganize that closet, make a donation pile!

Play Scrabble (or any other board game of your choice)

And you don't have other humans around to play with you well now we have the interweb so you can play words with friends. (even if the other players aren't your friends)

Do A Workout Class via Youtube

This will keep you from getting physically restless. You will feel accomplished and deserving of a hearty cup of hot cocoa, which brings me to my next order of business...

Drink Hot Cocoa By The Fire

This one is pretty self explainatory. Just don't forget the whipped cream!

Call An Old Pal Who Is Snowed In Too

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Catching up with an old friend is a great way to pass the time.

Embrace Your Inner Child With An Adult Coloring Book

I have friends that do this and they say its very therapeutic.

What is your favorite snow day activity?