When the pandemic hit, Dover police put their mounted patrol on hold, according to fosters.com.  Then, as it became clear that the pandemic was not going away anytime soon, and with the retirement of one of the mounted patrol officers, the decision was made to eliminate the mounted patrol permanently.

Many residents of Dover have fond memories of seeing the mounted patrol on the streets, and the horses CJ and Benny.

Not only were residents disappointed but the volunteers that worked with the horses were crushed by the decision.

The good news is that retired officer Michelle Murch has adopted CJ, her beloved horse that she rode for 9 years, and the beautiful horse is home with her, according to the news article.  They are both very happy.

Another bonus was that one of the volunteers, Linda Skvirsky, now volunteers with Murch to help care for CJ along with Murch’s other horses, Dogo, Eustace, and Kammie, Fosters stated.

Skvirsky tells fosters.com, “I cried when they closed the unit.  But Michelle called me and invited me to Lee if I wanted to help and she made my day. I went through a lot this year and this helps me; it’s like therapy to me.  I’m so happy when I’m here.”

It’s amazing the healing power of being around animals.

I’m happy that Linda gets to continue to help take care of CJ, who is a 1,800-pound Belgian, that’s a lotta horse!

I bet CJ is happy to have the love also.

The other horse that was retired is Benny, who has found a home in Groton, Massachusetts where his new owner, Emma Newman says “He’s very happy.  He is a rock star and super loved,” according to Fosters.

Sad that Dover’s Mounted Patrol is no more but glad to see there is a happy ending for all involved.

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