I got married back in early October. We had big plans of grabbing this Thank You note task by the horns and getting it done really quickly. We opened all of our gifts and wrote down who got us what in a spreadsheet and everything!

Then a month went by. Then another month. Now we are at the six-month point and still haven't sent out a single Thank You note! OY! My mother is feeling all kinds of shame on my behalf right now.

Of course no one really ever saves the Thank You note. They read it and then it goes straight in the trash. But it's the sentiment that counts. People were beyond generous to us and we want to express our gratitude. It's considered proper wedding etiquette and I get that.

But this conversation begs the question, how long is too long? Is there ever a point where you say, "You know what, my wedding was a year ago. I think it might be weird to send out Thank You notes." Or does that not exist?

By the way, I'm not asking to get out of sending mine! I was just curious. If you came to my wedding and are waiting for your Thank You note, IT'S IN THE MAIL. (or it will be one day)

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