A farm in Goffstown, New Hampshire is renting out chickens for those that want to experience what it's like to raise chickens. Talk about having farm fresh eggs anytime you want! I never knew this type of business existed! I love learning new things every day!

The Goffstown farm, run by Brian and Christine Templeton is affiliated with a company called 'Rent The Chicken' out of Pennsylvania.

Templeton Family Organics is located at Kenney Hill Farm in Goffstown. According to an article in the Union Leader 'Rent The Chicken' lines up farms to supply not just the birds, but also food and a coop. Customers return the hens before winter and if they are interested in getting the birds back the following year, the farm will tag the chickens and you get the same ones back next year.

You can get pricing and all the details you need to know about renting chickens in New Hampshire here. 

Credit Think Stock
Credit Think Stock

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