Even though JC thinks ABC's The Bachelor is pure foolishness and would never want to be involved, I had a lot of fun planning what that season would look like with him as "The Bachelor".

Episode One

When he meets each woman for the first time they would step into a radio studio one by one and get interviewed by him! That way he has each interview recorded, so he can go back and review when he gets confused which one is which. Also it incorporates one of his main passions; radio!

Group Dates

Group dates would be outings on his family's boat, go cart racing and a competition who could make him the best mac n' cheese.

One on One Date - "Love is a Brewin"

JC would go pick up his date on his Harley. The other girls in the house would all make comments about what she wore on the date after she left. "Can you believe she got on the back of a motorcycle wearing THAT?" JC and his one on one date would drive to a Brewery in New Hampshire and learn how to brew their own beer.

One on One Date - "Love is a Football Field"

JC and his date head to a Patriots game where obviously the Pats win. They get to hang out with the man the myth the legend, Tom Brady for a bit after the game. They get some relationship advice from Tom and Gisele. Then four of them pose together for a photo on the football field looking like four best friends that hang out on the regular.

One on One Date - "Love on the Seven Seas"

JC and his date head out to Newburyport where they take out his family's boat for the day. They go fishing, eat subs from Moe's and just hang out on the water. When they get back on land they go out for a nice seafood dinner.

 Abroad Date

Since they always travel somewhere extravagant on "The Bachelor" the remaining girls head to Ireland with our bachelor to get in touch with JC's Irish roots. One of the final girls has too many pints of Guinness and busts in on another girl's date with JC. She is sent home.

The Proposal

We decorate the WOKQ Studio with rose petals, candles and only the most romantic country tunes are playing in the backround. (i'm talking Billy Currington kind of stuff) The first of the final two comes into the studio and thinks she's getting proposed to and doesn't. She has a crying fit for all of New Hampshire to hear because of course this entire thing is being broadcasted over the airwaves live. The second girl comes and JC pops the question. She screams, she cries and says yes! They live happily ever after.

Until they break up six months later because they realize they didn't even really know each other because their love was inorganically fabricated in front of a camera.

He should send an audition tape, don't you think!?

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