I meet a lot of different people every day and the first thing they say after finding out where I work is “wow, that sounds like really fun job!” I can’t disagree.

I love what I do, and getting to play music and talk for a living is pretty great. I will say that between work and shows and the business of just living, there is nothing that I love more than a good nap.

Now, like most of you, that doesn’t really seem possible most days. But, what if you had a cozy little spot at work to take a quick snooze?

I found what may be my new favorite product in Housebeautiful.com. It’s called a Nap Desk and it’s a sweet, sweet thing!

According to housebeautiful.com, the top of the desk actually slides back. You then fold down the back portion of the desk and it turns into a platform for a built in mattress. Pretty incredible, right? You have a bed basically hidden inside your desk that can be transformed in just a few quick minutes.

George Costanza started this trend on a very funny Seinfeld episode and I’m here for it.

One warning...i can’t guarantee that this is boss approved at EVERY job, so sleep at your own peril. In the meantime, you can find me under my desk in between songs!

Unfortunately, this particular model is just a prototype at this point, according to Housebeautiful.com but I did find a few similar products already on the market, including a sleep hammock that fits under your desk. It’s for sale on Odditymall.com for only $55.00.


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