Have you heard of Dirty Water Ice Cream?


I was walking down the street in Rochester and I heard a woman tell her friend she was going to get some Dirty Water Ice Cream.  I thought, is that a code for something else?  What the heck is Dirty Water Ice Cream?  A quick google search brought me to Blake’s restaurant and Ice Cream shop that is located in Manchester, New Hampshire


What is in Dirty Water Ice Cream


If you want to take a flavor adventure and love ice cream, Blakes Restaurant and Ice Cream shop in Manchester is the spot.  Dirty Water ice cream according to blakesicecream.com it is “Columbian Coffee ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl and chocolate chips” which sounds delicious!  As I perused the list, I discovered some more exciting flavors that I have never experienced.  I really love ice cream and my favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip, but I am trying to expand my palate a bit.  I noticed that Blakes Ice Cream has a flavor called Mint Explosion with its mint green chocolate chip with fudge swirl and mint-filled cordial cups.


Time to Monkey Around


I saw another exciting flavor called Monkey Around which is Banana ice cream with chocolate fudge swirl and peanut butter cups.  Then I spied Wild NH Black Bear which, according to blakesicecream.com, “is vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirl and raspberry chocolate truffle cups.”  This is the only Wild NH Black Bear I want to run into.  Have no fear if you go with a friend that is not as adventurous as you, they have vanilla.  They have been in business since 1900 and are located at 46 Milford Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.  I don’t know how I didn’t find this gem of place earlier!


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