What is the Best State to Live in?

This is a tough question.  Everyone is going to have different things that are important to them when it comes to where to live.  What are your values?  Is low crime your top feature or affordable housing?  It could be that an educated population holds more weight to you than the availability of health care.

If you have kids, perhaps the high school graduation rate is important to you.  How do you judge the category of “quality of life?”

Things like how may bicycling and hiking trails may be as important to you as average hours worked per week.

According to wallethub.com, a new study of these and many other factors including the economy, safety, and affordability are taken into account and some New England States are have risen as the cream of the crop.

The States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire made the top ten.

To check out the full study and discover how things that are important to you rate, follow the link  wallethub.com

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