Relationships aren't easy. There isn't one of us that hasn't been divorced, or doesn't know someone that got divorced. So it's always great to see a couple that's figured it out.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are one of those couples. Faith tells CMT “It’s the little things that really make the difference. It’s giving one another the time to have a conversation, having breakfast together... It’s nice to just have coffee together and just talk without being interrupted."

So this morning we asked what little thing you do for your significant other to make it work. Here are the highlights from the WOKQ Facebook page.

Rachel Willerer
Rachel Willerer Even though my husband is perfectly capable, I still make his coffee every morning and hand it to him.
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97.5 WOKQ
97.5 WOKQ Love that! -Kira
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Jill Newman Hall
Jill Newman Hall I think we're both too stubborn to give up! Plus, we love each other.
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Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis Humor and sarcasm, married to a wounded veteran, it's a necessity :)
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Lisa Roy
Lisa Roy I bite my tongue!! It's worked we have been married 34 yrs.
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Jennifer Pickering
Jennifer Pickering Always a kiss before you go, even if your grumpy 😉
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Bill LeDuc
Bill LeDuc I get in bed on my wife's side to take away the chill and warm her side up while she gets ready for bed.

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