Ahhhh, Mary Jane. The green stuff. The ganja. I could probably write all 1,000 nicknames for it, but you know I am talking about cannabis.

Weed has been an enormous topic of conversation in the past decade. From politicians to your grandmother, as cannabis becomes legal (medicinally or recreationally) across the country, people are more open to talking about their use than ever before in history.

I don't need to get into my views, and that is not what this article is about (although it should totally be legal everywhere and is a far safer alternative to alcohol). BUT again, that is not what this is about.

As a user myself, I was curious about which state consumes the most cannabis in the country.

Initially, the obvious thought was California. They were the first state to legalize medical use in 1996. Cali is also the state with the largest population of people.

So honestly, that is not a fair comparison. So, I instead wanted to find out which state had the highest percentage of cannabis users.

Just a few months ago, in 2024, the most recent study on this was released. The study was from 2022, so things could be different in 2024. However, as data takes an enormous time to collect and decipher, this is the most recent data.

Vermont had the highest percentage of cannabis users in the entire country.

According to a 2024 article by Statistica, nearly 35% of adults in Vermont use cannabis. The next few states were the District of Columbia, Oregon, and Alaska (33%, 32%, and 32%, respectively).

Only a few spots away, the 6th state with the most cannabis consumption was Massachusetts. The Bay State had 29% of adults using the drug.

I bet in five years, you'll see enormous spikes in all of these data points. I'm talking a 10-20% increase, but that is just my prediction.

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