Tropical Storm "Erin" is sliding up the East Coast. With it, dangerous rip tides are expected for New Hampshire's seacoast this weekend.

Labor Day Weekend, surfers are certainly going to enjoy the waves created as one of the first tropical storms move up the coast.

According to News Center Maine's Ryan Breton, seas off the coast of New Hampshire and Maine will jump to anywhere between five and ten feet.

This weather will also cause an "elevated level of rip currents." These dangerous rip tides can be spotted as the areas between white caps. If you're caught in one, the instinct is to swim towards shore.

However, that's the last thing you should do.

According to Hampton Beach Lifeguards, "It is best for the swimmer to relax, not to panic, and conserve energy. Do not swim against the current. Instead, swim subsequently (parallel) to the shoreline." They also note "getting out of a rip current can be done, but is extremely difficult for the layman."


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