Is it just me or do you feel like when you watch TV shows and people are hugging each other or hanging out in crowded bars you think, "where are their masks?!" It feels like the characters we see on TV are from another planet where masks aren't part of their daily get up. That's a place I want to live.

No, this is not a political statement. I'm saying that I would love to be transported to a pre Covid day and REALLY enjoy myself. I would not take for granted being able to expose my lower face in public. I would give all of my friends long lingering hugs. I would make friends with strangers in a bar and....dare I say it? SHAKE THEIR HAND!! Oh, how great would that be.

Join me in this fantasy won't you? I will take you through what I would do with one pre Covid day:

I would wake up and go to a diner for breakfast. The kind of diner where you sit and get served at the counter and make friends with the strangers who get seated next to you. My first pick would be the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. I'll never forget the time I had a spaghetti and meatball sub there in 2017. Yes, that is a side of mac and cheese. Don't judge me.

After breakfast I would get all of my girlfriends together and we would snuggle up on one of their couches and just laugh and talk like the good 'ol days:

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

After that, I would go to a sporting event with my husband. I've never cared much about football but I really miss tailgating! Plus there is something electric about standing in a full stadium and cheering with hundreds of thousands of people when something good happens on the field.

After that I would head to a crowded bar where personal space doesn't exist. I would relish in the closeness with the other human beings and maybe even hug a few strangers. I'd probably get kicked out. My bar of choice would be Bonfire in Manchester.

Then at night, It's concert time. I would head to Bank of NH Pavilion to hang out with a bunch of our awesome listeners and see some LIVE MUSIC for the love of god! I don't even care who is performing!

What a perfect day that would be! I know, I'll be pretty busy but I have to fit everything in :)

What would you do with one pre Covid day?

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