Every parent has been there. They finally get an evening where the business of parenting life slows down for just a moment to allow you to enjoy a nice dinner out, even if the kiddos are in tow.

Then your little bundle of joy gets fussy. You're embarrassed thinking everyone else in the restaurant is judging you and your family. It's a terrible feeling.

Boy is crying

Every once in a while a hero comes along, and they're not wearing a cape. Sometimes, it's an apron. They tell you you're doing a good job. That you're doing your best. That you have a beautiful family. Laura Smith and her family found a hero in the owner of Wei Li Restaurant in Auburn.

The Smiths frequent Wei Li for date night and earlier this week they brought the kids to their favorite spot. Everything was going well until their youngest, Lilah, got fussy. She was likely teething, who wouldn't be fussy?

Laura and her husband figured they'd take turns eating and tending to Lilah when the owner of Wei Li came over, took the baby, and told the family to enjoy their meal.

Lilah was content. And the owner went about her work with Lilah on her hip.

This is why they say it takes a village to raise a child. Take a moment today to support the mommas and dads doing their best. It's a difficult job to be a parent but it's the most important job there is. Small acts of kindness like this have a long-lasting effect.

See Laura's original post below:

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