I thought I knew what sleep deprivation felt like before I was a mom. HA! Hilarious! Sleep has become a fickle mistress in my life. Even when I am presented with an opportunity to get some quality Z's, I put too much pressure on the situation and I'm not able to drift off into my R.E.M cycle. And before I know it, my brand-new human is up, and yelling that her diaper is soggy and she needs me to do something about it.

So when it come to the sleep department, I NEED HELP. I am forever Googling hacks and tips on how to get quality sleep.

It turns out I am in good company. Millions of Americans are struggling with disruption to their sleep routine and turning to social media feeds to seek out quick-fix solutions.

Across New England, the most popular sleep trend is a classic and doctor-approved method: taking magnesium! It promotes relaxation and prompts better sleep. The trend is searched more than others in New York, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and right here in New Hampshire.

A great way to incorporate magnesium into your pre-bedtime routine is with the Sleepy Girl Mocktail. Have you tried this?

I like this because it's not too complicated; only three ingredients! We can manage that.

Sleep is always of critical importance to our overall health, but it might be more important that ever right now. Why? Daylight Savings Time, my friend! We talk about getting rid of it every single year, but at the present time, it's still a thing.

Day Light Savings kicks me right in the rear, and I'm sure it will be amplified this year since I am also settling into Mom-land.

On Sunday, March 10, we will be springing ahead (also known as losing an hour of precious slumber).

So hop on the bandwagon and try a Sleepy Girl Mocktail. It couldn't hurt!

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