If you live in the Granite State, then you likely know that New Hampshire is a safe state. You can just feel it.

With the motto, "live free or die," it turns out that a lot of people prefer the live free option, and safely, too!

For those not living in New Hampshire, maybe consider it.

I could, easily, go on about the beautiful state, from the seacoast, to the white mountains, and more. Instead, I will highlight the recent safety report that came out from WalletHub.

According to the report, New Hampshire is the third safest state in the country.

There were many factors that went into determining the safest states in the country. "In order to determine the safest states in America, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 53 key safety indicators grouped into five different categories," according to WalletHub.

Some of the categories included fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel, law enforcement employees per capita, assaults per capita, bullying incidence rate, share of uninsured population, percentage of adults with rainy day funds, total loss amount from climate disasters per capita, fatal occupational injuries per total workers, and more.

Here is where New Hampshire ranked in some of those categories:

  • 14th – Percentage of Residents Who Are Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19
  • 1st – Murders & Non-Negligent Manslaughters per Capita
  • 2nd – Assaults per Capita
  • 8th – Loss Amounts from Climate Disasters per Capita
  • 22nd – Job Security
  • 4th – Fatal Occupational Injuries per 100,000 Full-Time Workers
  • 3rd – Fatalities per 100 Million Vehicle Miles of Travel
  • 16th – Sex Offenders per Capita
  • 15th – Share of Uninsured Population

Other New England States lead the safety race alongside of New Hampshire.

Vermont: #1 the safest state in the country!

Maine: #2

New Hampshire: #3

Massachusetts: #6

Connecticut: #7

Rhode Island: #10

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