Ahhhh, Ms. Rachel.

If you're like me, with no kids yet, you may not have heard of Ms. Rachel. But let me tell you, we are in the minority.

As my friends are starting to pop out kids left and right, I have been introduced to Ms. Rachel on many occasions in the past few months.

Kids and parents alike are OBSESSED with her, and she's from Biddeford, Maine.

If you don't know who she is, Miss Rachel is a YouTube sensation known for hosting the YouTube channel, Songs for Littles. Her videos rack up hundreds (yes hundreds) of millions of views.

"After her son’s diagnosis of speech delay, she was moved to create a YouTube channel titled ‘Songs for Littles,’ according to a Miss Rachel Networth article. "This platform has been instrumental in supporting young children in their linguistic development, fostering confidence and expressiveness."

The number of viewers on her videos is mind-blowing. She has 8.3 million subscribers. According to Miss Rachel Networth, "Her monthly earnings average around $50k, breaking down to approximately $3.5k per day."

That has racked up to an impressive 10 million dollar net worth for the Biddeford, Maine, internet sensation.

And if you were like me and thought, "There is no way THAT many kids and parents like these videos...", you're wrong.

I have seen firsthand Ms. Rachel captivate screaming babies and toddlers. It is like the second she pops up on the screen, they know to shut up, watch, listen, and learn.

I have had friends who are new parents tell me if it was not for Ms. Rachel, they would not know what to do. She helps teach and develop children with exciting, simple, educational words, songs, and images.

I need to meet this local (more like GLOBAL) celebrity.

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