If you haven’t been hearing the name “Taylor Swift” in the news lately then you very well may be living under a rock. I’ll snap my fingers and tap my toes when a Taylor Swift song comes on but I’m no Swiftie fan, yet I can not escape the discourse around “The Eras Tour”

Taylor Swift Ticket Debacle for “The Eras Tour”

In a quick summary, dozens of fans are suing Ticketmaster parent Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. for “unlawful conduct” over the ticket sales for “The Eras Tour”, as explained by CNN. Millions of fans sat on waiting lists for the tickets for 6+ hours and all of the tickets sold out during the presale.

Ticketmaster announced that the general sale of tickets to the public would be closed after the chaotic mess during the presale and fans have been paying thousands of dollars per ticket just to score a spot at one of the shows.

Most fans were unable to purchase tickets and there is an uproar attacking the ticket website.

You may think this is absolutely crazy, which it is, but Taylor Swift is possibly the top-rated artist right now.

Favorite Taylor Swift Album

If you’re a “Swiftie”, then it’s probably impossible for you to pick a favorite song or album. As an extremely talented artist, writer, and storyteller, each album takes you on a journey with incredible lyrics that tell detailed stories about her life.

Which album by Taylor Swift is the all-time favorite for Mainers?

Favorite Taylor Swift Album of Each State

I actually have the answer for you.

US Betting Report recently conducted research on the top Taylor Swift album per state using Google Trends to determine the most researched album in each area of the US.

US Betting Reports
US Betting Reports

The albums included in the research are, “Fearless”, “Speak Now”, “Red”, “1989”, “Reputation”, “Lover”, “Folklore”, and “Evermore”. Her newest album, “Midnights” was not included due to recency bias and neither was “Taylor Swift” due to the inability to differentiate data.

The study looked at the top researched album per state within the last 90 days, giving us the most recent favorites within the country.

The most loved album is “Folklore”, with 22 states researching it the most out of the other albums.

Maine stood out from the crowd with the album “Reputation” as our most listened to, Googled, and sought-after album by Taylor Swift.

Which album is your favorite? Will you make it to the concert?

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