A food challenge? Hold my beer. I'm in.

I LOVE a good food challenge. Who doesn't?

Whether it's a hot wing contest, three-pound burger, or in this case a double monster sub challenge, food contests bring out the testosterone-filled, big-belly boys and girls.

I bet you just thought, "I could do that," without even knowing what the challenge is. Without even SEEING the food.

So let's break it down.

Over at the Oceanside Sandwich Shop in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, they are offering free subs AND MONEY (yes prize money) to whoever can eat two "monster subs" in under 53:30.

That is 53-and-a-half minutes. Nearly an hour! Surely there are plenty of people in New Hampshire that can handle this test, no?

The picture above has the man missing out on the challenge by 0.26 seconds. A true heartbreak. The subs look big, no doubt about that. But we all know that one friend who will say, "I could do that, easily."

Well, I challenge you, and that friend. Do it. Tag the person you think could handle this and put them to the test. Bring cameras, a video recorder, and maybe a puke bag. But here's the thing: I need an update.

If there's anyone on the Seacoast who attempts this task, I need to know how it goes. Success or failure, I would love to hear from a contestant who tries to take on this monster sub challenge.

If you think your stomach has what it takes, head on over to Oceanside Sandwich Shop at 27 Lafayette Rd. in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.

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