Girl Power in Science in New Hampshire


University of New Hampshire student has been awarded not just one but two fellowships.  She is a doctoral student at the University of New Hampshire in mechanical engineering according to  I think this speaks volumes about the quality of education at the University of New Hampshire.


I wish I was Smart


We can’t all be as smart as Elizabeth Mamros but I am happy there are women like her.  Her undergrad studies have been on sheet metal forming technologies and she is currently studying heterogeneous, biocompatible hardware for trauma fixation according to  I have no idea what that means, but I have a feeling it will be very important in my life someday.  Her hard work has paid off by earning the Fulbright fellowship AND a National Science Foundation Institute of International Education Graduate International Research Experience fellowship.


Off to Germany


The fellowships were awarded for Elizabeth to study and conduct research at the Institut für Umformtechnik und Leichtbau which is located in Dortmund, Germany.  She says in a statement from, “In addition to the future international collaborations and expanding my network, I expect this project to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding by sharing experiences from American and German manufacturing researchers and educators and by combing research efforts to solve global, industrial issues.”  Sounds like we have the right student on the case.  Our future is with these kids.  Way to go Elizabeth Mamros!  We wish you much-continued success in your research.



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