You know it's coming, but you can't look away from this video of a truck crashing inside the O'Neill Tunnel in Boston this morning. You can check out the scene below for yourself. I can't stop watching it.

You can just hear the scraping sound of metal crashing into the ceiling of the Tip O'Neill Tunnel in downtown Boston. This crash took place this morning and as you can imagine snarled rush-hour traffic. I was told some delays were up to as much as an hour-and-a-half.

According to WHDH-TV, authorities said there were a couple of vehicles that were disabled and debris was strewn across the roadway. There is no word right now what caused the crash. Luckily, initial reports say no injuries were involved.

As of late this morning, crews from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation said all lanes inside the tunnel had been cleared away and traffic was beginning to flow easier.

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