How did I not know this was a thing? I'm so mad at myself for just finding out about this now. But, the good news is I have time to make these for the Big Game on Sunday!

This is great news for those of us (like me) who love sandwiches, but are trying to live a low-carb lifestyle. I hear it's also good news for Keto fans too!

This new sandwich craze uses pickles (or cucumbers) instead of bread! I mean, it's so simple when you think about it, but it never dawned on me until I came across this Facebook post from Tavern on the Hill in Vermont. Look at the photos below. That sandwich looks delicious, doesn't it? I've just been doing turkey/cheese or ham/cheese roll-ups. Boring!! But, this takes sandwiches to a whole other level:

After seeing that post, I decided to use good ol' Google to locate more pickle sandwich  no bread recipes and low and behold, there are a ton of yummy ideas!

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