As a parent, I think the worst thing that could ever happen is one of my boys being kidnapped. I'd love to think I'd be like Liam Neeson in the movie Taken.

But the truth is, I don't have a special set of skills like his character did. So I'd be like most every other parent...a total basket case. I say that because there's a 5-year-old girl who got kidnapped back in August by a 32-year-old guy who knew her family. Then two other guys helped hold her captive for almost a month before she was finally rescued. They moved her around to several locations. Then in early September, they took her to an abandoned house on a lake. And when they left to get food, she escaped. She went to a few houses and knocked on doors to get help, but no one was home. So she ended up having to swim across the lake to get away.

A 65-year-old guy was about to leave for work when he saw her running through a field. He recognized her face from the news. So he got her inside and called the police. Right after they showed up, she happened to see one of the kidnappers drive by in his car. So the cops arrested him, and all three men are now in custody.

And check this out. According to the New York Times, her family doesn't have much money. But they'd offered $2,000 to anyone who could help find her. Then an anonymous donor offered another $5,000. So police gave her rescuer a check for seven grand last Friday. But he's in pretty good shape financially. He actually retired last week. So he gave all $7,000 to the girl instead. And said it was the best retirement gift he could get.

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