It seems as though every day we hear about another retail chain having to close multiple locations or filing for bankruptcy. Shopping used to be an experience and now we just want to pick out what we want on our computer screen and have it delivered to our doorstep.

There is no denying that it is more convenient and less time-consuming to shop online. But what about those shopping experiences that you can't create unless you got to a physical store? For example: shopping for your first day of school outfit. Or if you are a lady, buying your first bra! I didn't say they were all great experiences, but memorable none the less.

My mom took me to buy my first (training) bra at Victorias Secret. I was a  little overwhelmed by all of the lace, bows, and undies that resembled slingshots that surrounded me. I remember the sales associate being very kind and welcoming to me. I think she could tell I was a first timer.

Victoria's Secret announced they are closing 20 stores nationwide. It got me thinking that if we keep heading in this direction, will these in-store experiences eventually be a distant memory? Will we have to create new experiences when choosing the first bra for our daughter on a computer screen? And who will measure her?!

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