Laconia Motorcycle Week is almost upon us.  The event will be held on August 22-30, according to reporting from

The Motorcycle Week Executive Director Charlie St. Clair drove out on his bike to Sturgis this week and got a first-hand look at how the rally is being handled in South Dakota.

It’s hopefully not going to look like Sturgis in Laconia.

He spent time out at the Sturgis Rally taking a drive to the Devils Tower National Monument and kept to riding his motorcycle and staying socially distant from people, the news article stated.

South Dakota is not New Hampshire, and the Granite State set down much stricter rules for dining out, lodging, vendors and even making masks mandatory, according to the article.

Laconia Mayor Andrew Hosmer tells “I think anybody not taking personal responsibility, not wearing a mask right now, is cause for concern.  It is clear from health officials around the world, we can significantly curtail the growth of the virus by wearing a mask.”

Gov. Chris Sununu just issued an emergency mandatory mask order for gatherings over more than 100 in the state, according to, so perhaps state officials have seen the videos coming in from the Sturgis Rally and hope to avoid a problem.

The Mayor of Laconia hopes people will be responsible, but the emergency order may help.

I imagine it will be difficult to enforce a mandatory mask order and it does put a burden on Police so I hope people will make the right choice.

Laconia Motorcycle Week will be a very scaled-down event this year compared to years past.  Our infection rate is low compared to the rest of the country, let's keep it that way and ride safe.  Enjoy the event and be responsible.

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