Will he or won’t he. That is the biggest question swirling around the Patriots prior to opening day. Yahoo Sports reports that the deadline is looming for the Gronk to make a decision on whether he will stay retired or jump back in the game he loves so much.


Gronkowski has until November 20 to request reinstatement.  If he does, the Patriots have the option to activate him or put him on the retired/reserve list according to Yahoo Sports.  November 30th happens to be my birthday, so I am hoping the Gronk hears my wish when I say all I want for my birthday is to see the Gronk play football again. Yahoo Sports also reports that Robert Kraft spoke out on NFL Network stating “there is still hope for us with Gronk.”

Apparently, Gronk still hasn’t filled out the retirement paperwork. The ink is not only not dry, but it also hasn’t even been written. When questioned about Ron Gronkowski, Tom Brady said “He’s just in a different phase of life” which, I don’t’ know, whatever that means. Judging from Gronks Instagram, he seems to be living his best life so who knows. Only Gronk. But at least we will know something concrete by my birthday, also known as November 30.




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