Looking to give an animal a forever home? This little guy just might be your new best friend.

A NHSPCA Facebook post about a special fella up for adoption already has over 840 likes and 350 comments as of this writing, and it's easy to understand why.

Meet Willie.

New Hampshire SPCA
New Hampshire SPCA

He's a one-and-a-half year old domestic mix rabbit, and one of the cutest bunnies I've ever seen. He was rescued along with 59 other rabbits from a home in Farmington, NH. Now, he is the very last one looking for a family of his own.

On Thursday, January 27, he will spend his 300th day in the shelter.

Seriously, just look at that precious little face. This is why I can't set foot in an animal shelter right now, because I'd definitely leave with a fluffy new friend. How has no one adopted this sweet boy yet?

According to the NHSPCA's website, Willie takes a while to build trust with people due to his past but loves them unconditionally once he does so. He is also an avid snacker (so relatable), and enjoys being brushed.

New Hampshire SPCA
New Hampshire SPCA

In responding to inquiries already pouring in about Willie on Facebook, the NHSPCA said that he does not enjoy being around male rabbits but could do better with females. The shelter's also not yet sure about how he interacts with children and other animals.

If you think you could give Willie the forever home he deserves or have any other inquiries, reach out to info@nhspca.org.

But hurry, this little boy already has lots of people with their eyes on him.

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