When videos or a moment goes viral, they consume my social media pages. Well, what took over my social media feed over the weekend was not a moment or a particular video.

It was a collection of videos and pictures from the brand-new WNDR Museum in Boston.

It is hard to describe what the heck I saw in all of these videos, but this one does summarize the new interactive museum that looks SO DAMN COOL.

The WNDR Museum just opened in February of 2024 in Boston. Seeing the videos of what it looks like/all of the unique and interactive exhibits has me beyond excited to go.

I am literally as excited to go to this place for the first time as I was to go to the Boston Museum of Science as a child.

"WNDR is a collective of thinkers, artists, poets and designers, working at the intersection of art and technology," according to the WNDR website.

The expansive programs put forth as a collective hub includes our museums, creative studio, and bold collaborations.

Explaining what the museum is does not really do it justice. The EXPERIENCE is really WHAT it is.

WNDR Museum is an interactive experience: a multi-sensory showcase of art and technology. Our message is simple: We are all artists. And as artists, our visitors are more than passive onlookers. Whatever they do in our museum, IS art.

makebostonhome and wndrmuseum via Instagram, Canva
wndrmuseum via Instagram, Canva

This place immediately moved to the top of my weekend list. It is not like anything I have ever seen.

And honestly, it is way cooler than other museums. To be able to be IN the museum without just looking at sculptures or artwork is amazing. Interactive and experiential activities are right up my alley.

I am clearly not alone in the love of experiential activities, as this place was ALL over my social media feeds over the last few days. I mean, look at another person's experience:

According to the website, prices look like this:

General Admission:​Starting at $32
Active Military and Veterans with ID:Starting at $26
Child (Ages 3-12):​Starting at $22
Ages 2 and Below:​Free
To see all of the exhibits, check out below...

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