Did you get any bad Christmas gifts this season?

Did your uncle send you some toenail clippers? How about some wrinkle cream from your brother? Or maybe your sister sent you a bunch of old recipe magazines?

Whatever it is, we want to give you a great prize in place for it! It’s time for another of WOKQ’s Christmas Re-Gift!

All you have to do is snap a pic of that unwanted item and upload it to our app to qualify for a $2,023 shopping spree (get it?) to Cardi’s Furniture and Mattresses on Route 1 in Seabrook. Make sure to include your name, your phone number, and where you are from when submitting the photo so we can get back to you if you are the chosen winner.

If you're on the app, click here to submit your picture right now.

Whatever that gift is, we want to see it and provide you with the opportunity to get something even better than before. We want to bring a little joy to you right into the new year.

Once you have your photo, upload it to our handy dandy mobile app! Just like that, you will be in the running to win that $2,023 shopping spree to Cardi’s Furniture and Mattresses on Route 1 in Seabrook!

If you're on the app, click here to submit your picture right now.

What are you waiting for? We can't wait to see those pics!

Contest ends January 15, 2023.

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