Tis the season to eat our feelings! But We're going to help you stay on track by hooking you up with a Fitbit Flex 2 AND two weeks of  Muuna™ cottage cheese.

You've probably heard me yapping about Muuna™ on the morning show and how obsessed with it I am. Well now you get to try it for yourself!

It’s time to say bye bye to the boring cottage cheese of the past! And Say hello to the irresistible taste of Muuna™.

Muuna™ has disrupted the dairy aisle with its melt in your mouth creamy texture perfected with real pieces of fruit on the bottom. It comes in flavors like peach, pineapple, strawberry blueberry and mango. (the mango has changed me for the better)

So eat that turkey like you mean it and next week listen to JC and myself to win your Fitbit Flex 2 and a two week supply of Muuna™.



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