Meeting celebrities can be awesome but it can also be a let down if they don't live up to your expectations. You may have heard me talk about meeting Debra Messing at a diner in New York City. I love her so much and was absolutely thrilled to be in the same room as her. She wasn't there for an event or anything she was just out to lunch. I spotted her in the wild! Debra was having a day where she wasn't in the mood to be recognized. That's okay! But unfortunately, every time I watch an episode of Will & Grace I remember her icy demeanor that day and it's not a fond memory.

I have had the opportunity to meet lot's of country artists through WOKQ and I am so grateful for that. They are all extremely personable and down-to-earth humans. No matter how famous they get they never forget where they came from. Some of my favorites include: Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Brett Eldredge, Luke Bryan, Brett Young and Cole Swindell.

We asked our listeners to tell us about the famous people they met and  you delivered! We got some amazing stories and even some pictures:

Tom Brady

Brantley Gilbert

Jaleel white aka Urkel

Luke Combs

Barrack Obama

Kane Brown

Luke Bryan

Florida Georgia Line

Vince Neil

Dale Earnhardt Jr

Patrick Dempsey

Melissa Lathrop Lauckner Booty Baker from Nascar.... made a TOTAL ass out of myself ‍♀️ #liquidcourage

Nanci Thompson: Once when the nascar guys would come to NH, they would come over to Lee USA Speedway. Ryan Newman was my son’s favorite. He came to run a race, after the race I saw my son run into the infield from the stands. thought what is he doing and how did they let him run down from the flag stand. He had gone into Ryan’s trailer to meet him. He never got an autograph because in his excitement he didn’t knock. Ryan was standing there in his underwear trying to change. Ya that was a moment! Still his favorite though...

Deb SteeleWillow: Met many country stars. Someone had told me that Easton Corbin smells amazing, so when we met him, I told him that and that he did smell amazing!! He thanked me!! Probably the most famous, Scotty McCreery or this week"s number one song artist, Morgan Wallen.

Jennifer Dubois: Jeff Healey at Mobil on 110 in Haverhill. I was a teen working nights and he came through on his way to another concert stop. Nearly crapped my pants. Told him I was a huge fan and then mumbled some incoherent things I don’t remember. Lol He was so nice. Told him I didn’t need an autograph, just honored to meet him.

Robert Shaw: Reba..met he a the fuel pump..tour bus stopped wile I was fueling my rig. I said thank you for what you do. and kept moving..she said thx you cuz with out trucks I couldn't travel..she signed a sticker for of the nicer people I've had a chance to meet

Brianna Riley: I met Granger smith, and he was the nicest and most down to earth man ever.

Thank you so much for sharing your celebrity stories with us. We enjoyed them! Feel free to keep them coming on our post.

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