I was at my parents house recently and was delighted to see that they still have a VCR with some of my favorite VHS tapes from my youth; Drop Dead Fred, Duston Checks In, and Blank Check to name a few. (90's kids, get at me!) What a blast from the past! (We also have that on one VHS) It made me wonder what ancient relics our listeners had hanging around their homes.

We posted the question on our Facebook page and per usual our listeners did not disappoint. Here are some of the pieces of technology our listeners have hung on to. I guess... in case they make a comeback? Hey, the record player has!

A 1963 Rotary Dial

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A Royal Manual Type Writer

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An Old School Arcade Game:

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33 mm Camera

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An original View Masters Slide Projector

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A Toshiba laptop with the original Windows 3.1

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I also appreciate all of the women who said, "my husband". The joke got a little overplayed but I still had a hearty chuckle.

Do you have any old pieces of technology at your house that you'd like to add to our list?

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