WOKQ's office pup is going to be featured on a national calendar!

Okay, okay...so technically he belongs to Pauline, our Accounts Receivable Specialist...

Linus has been visiting the WOKQ offices ever since I got here in 2019.  Yes, he's gorgeous but I had no idea he would be a male model!


Pauline Alden

Turns out Linus is a "Carolina Dog".  Pauline rescued him from a group called 3 Dogs Rescue in Berwick, ME.   3 Dogs Rescue is a volunteer run shelter that's "ultimate goal is to place the right dog with the right person to ensure a successful and forever adoption."

Pauline told me that the shelter works with another organization that saves dogs in the South called Saving Carolina Dogs Rescue.  She adopted Linus in July of 2019 from Mississippi.

So, what is a Carolina dog?  Well, according to Saving Carolina Dogs, they are not related to the American Dingo but bear a striking resemblance.  They are also known as a pariah breed:

"Meaning living on the outskirts of human civilization and culture. Another term used for these dogs are Long Term Pariah Morphotypes (LTPM) - animals with the ability to adapt as their environment changes."

Pauline Alden

The organization is holding a calendar fundraiser and  people that adopted from SCD can submit photos.  Since Linus is such a gorgeous boy, Pauline submitted his photos and he was chosen from over 400 submissions!

The calendar is one of the organizations biggest fundraisers and 100% of the proceeds go to helping these dogs.

If you're interested in ordering a calendar, you can do that here. 

What a good boy, Linus, we're all proud to know you!


Pauline Alden



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