Yeah, you read that right. Boston Magazine shared the story of Thyme Sullivan who ran the 10K race in Boston dressed as a tampon for a good cause, not just for fun.  Sullivan is one of the founders of TOP, The Organic Project, an organization called for safer and better feminine hygiene products and to make them more accessible to all women.  They also hope to end the stigma surrounding mensuration.


As a guy I never understood the unease other men feel regarding a woman experiencing her period.  As a husband and father, I hope I have been supportive.  Both my wife and my daughter have, on occasion, asked me to purchase feminine hygiene products for them at the store and I never felt weird about it, but I am in the minority of men from what I am reading.  If more men would do this for their partners and daughters maybe they would notice how expensive these products are and help put an end to the tampon tax that still exists in 35 states.  Why is there a tax on something that is so necessary?


Sullivan ran the race dressed as a tampon to raise awareness that many women don’t have access or the financial resources to purchase these necessary products.  This holds girls back from extra-curricular activities and can affect them in many ways we, as men, can’t imagine.  According to Boston Magazine, the TOP organization also hopes to raise awareness of what these products are made of.  Sure, you may be focused on your health, buy only organic fruits and vegetables, but do you know the ingredients of your feminine hygiene products.  TOP wants transparency in labeling.  Great cause and Thyme Sullivan’s costume at least got folks talking about the subject and making it less taboo.



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