A woman heard screaming and ran to save a 6-to-7-year-old boy Monday morning.

He was playing on a small pond behind the homes on Minuteman Drive in Scarborough, Maine, according to the Portland Press Herald, and the woman could hear screaming behind her house and ran to save the boy.

The newspaper reported that the boy was treated at Maine Medical for mild hypothermia, and the woman did not need any medical attention.

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The Maine Warden Service has issued a warning about thin ice and warned people to check the thickness of ice before going on it, according to the Press Herald.

The boy was playing with other kids and was up to his waist in the water, the newspaper stated, and when the woman found him, he was frantic and trying to get out of the water. He was shaking, but otherwise OK.

Rescuers reportedly found the boy inside the woman's house.

The advisory for thin ice says in part:

If ice at the shoreline is cracked or squishy, stay off. Watch out for thin, clear or honeycombed ice. Dark snow and dark ice are other signs of weak spots.

Be safe and make sure kids don't play on ice that hasn't been checked.

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