You know how swanky restaurants will have a soft opening for friends and family of the owners before they are officially open to the public? York Beach is following that protocol next week in anticipation of Memorial Day Weekend.

According to Fosters, they held a meeting on Monday night where it was voted unanimously to amend the town’s emergency order restrictions that were previously put in place.

The Town Manager, Stephen Burns, made some excellent points. He realizes that residents are going absolutely stir crazy stuck inside their houses! These outdoor spaces need to be open to the public so people can get some gosh darn exercise. (I added the gosh darn, my words not Stephen's) Getting outside will improve everyone's morale and mental health and we need that so badly right now. His second point was that he wants to give local businesses a chance to survive and he believes the best way to do that is to open the beaches before Memorial Day.

The article states, starting Monday, May 18th, York's three beaches will be open for active recreation to the public. Does this mean you are allowed to go on walks or runs but staying stationary in a beach chair is not permitted? If someone could clarify this for me that would be AWESOME. I am a big fan of parking my rear in a beach chair with a good book and not moving for several hours.

If things go haywire on Monday, this will give the town some time to adjust the restrictions before the holiday weekend. Typically we get an influx of out-of-staters visiting Northern New England this time of year. But with most hotels closed and reservations being cancelled through Airbnb, Memorial Day Weekend is bound to look very different.

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