Are you applying sunscreen correctly? Chances are, you're not.  

A study by The Sweet Home, suggests those of us who spend time outdoors:

'should be applying a full shot glass’s worth of sunscreen to your near-naked body about once an hour in order to get adequate protection with your sunscreen.' 

That adds up to a lot of sunscreen, which could bust your summertime budget. The report recommends using NO-AD Sport SPF 50:

'At 56 cents per ounce, the NO-AD sunscreens cost half as much as their closest competitors.'

Fun Fact: The name NO-AD Sun Care was introduced in 1962 with the concept of providing consumers with quality sun care products that are twice the size as national brands for the same price – all with “no TV ads”, no hype and no gimmicks.

Getty Images Martin Bernetti

However, the Today show had a few other brand names they think are best.

Bottom line, whatever brand you choose, make sure you're applying the sunscreen correctly and wearing it at all times when you're outdoors.

credit Karen Kiley

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