Like I mentioned yesterday when I wrote about Allison, a Penacook 5th grader, raising money so that other kids her age can have toys to unwrap on Christmas Day -- charity like this hits different when it's kids helping kids. And we have another kid trying to make sure other kids get to wake up like he does on Christmas and unwrap toys.

According to WMUR, Kaleb Frith is an 8-year-old in Manchester is making these super cute little hat ornaments and selling them for $1, with proceeds going toward buying toys to donate for Toys for Tots. What's even cooler about Kaleb -- this isn't his first go-around with trying to help kids his age have some kind of Christmas when it's possible without Kaleb, they wouldn't.

His Mom told WMUR that his birthday is in October and every year he donates the money he gets for it to Toys for Tots, but wanted to take it a step further, so he asked if he could sell something.

I'm sorry, but what 8-year-old do you know that's all about donating their money to help other kids have an awesome Christmas? I'm not saying it's not possible, but if Kaleb has also over the last few years donated his birthday money to Toys for Toys -- I mean, his parents are clearly doing something right and the kiddo just gets it.

Kaleb's sister, Kenna, gets it, too. She's actually helping him crank out the ornaments, too, so it's really turned into a bit of a family affair and a great bonding experience for the two of them, too. Apparently, each one takes about 20 minutes to make. So far, Kaleb has raised $290, but he wants to blow it out of the water by Christmas and raise $3,000.

The best part of all this, too, is Kaleb's attitude. When he was being interviewed by WMUR, you know what he said? That making the ornaments is fun anyway, but it's especially fun knowing that it's going toward Toys for Tots. He also said he just wants kids who may not have a stellar or any Christmas at all to be able to wake up and be like, "WHOA! WHERE DID ALL THESE TOYS COME FROM?!"

Go get 'em, Kaleb! And you, too, Kenna!

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