I know many people who won't put the heat on in their house anytime before Thanksgiving, strictly on principal. Personally, I try to keep the heat off for as long as I can. If I get a little chilly, I throw on a sweater or put an extra blanket on the bed. I've also been known to open the bedroom windows a crack during winter months (which makes my other half go crazy)!

So what about you? Do you usually wait until Thanksgiving or does it matter to you when the heat gets switched on? What about turning the heat on in your vehicle? Are you getting so cold on these Autumn mornings that you have to kill the a/c and blast the heat on your commute to work?

With the weather finally turning (yes, I said finally!) a bit cooler and the air feeling a bit crisper, now comes the age-old question of when to turn the heat on, fire up the wood stove and so on and so forth. For me, it's not an exact date, but I generally do not allow the heat to be turned on in the house until late October. Below, are some of the Facebook responses we got from asking this question earlier in the week.

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