Collections are fun(ish).

Yes, I have a collection, and I will explain. However, I said "(ish)" because I can empathize with those who have a significant other, child, etc. with a collection.

I think most collections start uncomfortably. At first, you have a large amount of bottle caps, mugs, vintage stuff. You don't know WHY you are collecting them. You also feel like a borderline hoarder.

However, after collecting an item for five, 10, 20 years, the collection becomes cool and has value.

There is always that awkward starting point. For me, I started collecting coasters when I was very young. You know, the cheap piece of cardboard that you put your beer, soda, or water on top of, so the tables at restaurants don't get ruined...yeah, I loved 'em. I thought they were so neat.

It seemed silly and kind of stupid to me and many others for a few years. Now, however, when I whip out a coaster with a Bud Light label from the 1990s, people think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread. Also, my ability to show where I have traveled, just using coasters, seems really fascinating to people.

I set out to find what other people collected in New Hampshire, and they did not disappoint. I cannot confirm if these people are all from New Hampshire, so there may be some from surrounding states. That said, these are impressive.

I mean, where do you store 800 rubber ducks? And how the heck do you justify 100 pairs of Crocs?! Don't ask me.

Enjoy the amazing collections of the people of New  Hampshire.

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