The Most Awesome Christmas Tree Ever in Kittery


I am always surprised by the ingenuity of New Englanders.  When I first saw this tree, I was blown away.  On the dock of Pepperrell Cove, there is a Christmas Tree made completely from decorated lobster buoys.  It consists of over three hundred decorated lobster buoys that are hung with care over a frame that makes it look like a Christmas tree according to  The lobster buoy tree even has string lights to light up the night.


All for a Good Cause


The inspiration for the tree which is behind Frisbee’s Wharf is to benefit Wreaths Across America.  Wreaths Across America is an organization that places wreaths on the graves of veterans all over the United States.  The lobster buoy tree is the brainchild of Sheila Chapman, who is the town's manager of the chapter of Wreaths Across America, and Kelly Philbrook.  The two joined forces and collected the buoys from all over town.


What a Fantastic Fundraising Idea


Donations are accepted to place a decorated lobster buoy on the tree.  Each donation goes toward placing a wreath on the grave of a veteran.  This not only honors the Vets but brings much comfort to the family members that visit the graves over the holidays.  It is a wonderful way to honor those who have served our country and a reminder to those families that their loved one’s service was not forgotten.  Each buoy is uniquely decorated, from faces of Santa to town business logos.  There is even a Minion one which was donated by Kittery Town Manager, Amaral according to  What a great way to honor vets and celebrate the season with some creativity. My dad was in the United States Army buried in Bushnell, Florida.

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